Project Background

TRCA, in partnership with the Town of Ajax, is completing a Remedial Flood and Erosion Control Class Environmental Assessment to identify potential long-term solutions to the flood and erosion concerns along the Ajax waterfront.

For over 60 years, Ajax Waterfront Park has served as a public recreation space and natural buffer between Lake Ontario and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Once agricultural land, the waterfront space now exists as public space with the Waterfront Trail, playgrounds, gardens, and the Ajax Water Supply Plant.

However, high water levels in 2017 and 2019 and a high wind event in 2018, compounded by natural erosion rates has resulted in hazardous or potentially hazardous erosion in certain locations.. To ensure the safety of park amenities and visitors for the future, TRCA is undertaking a Conservation Class Environmental Assessment to develop potential solutions for the shoreline.

Phase 1 - Gap Analysis

Starting in 2021, TRCA and the Town of Ajax began a Shoreline Assessment and identify any information gaps required to fulfill the requirements of an Environmental Assessment. This assisted with determining the areas of concern along the Ajax shoreline and scoped the remaining data and analysis required for the next phase.

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Phase 2 - Class Environmental Assessment (EA)

After the Shoreline Assessment and Gap Analysis, TRCA and the Town of Ajax initiated a Class Environmental Assessment under Conservation Ontario’s Remedial Flood and Erosion Control Class EA process.

Class EA Overview and Goals:

  • The goal of a Class EA is to understand the full scope of environmental and community impacts a project has in order for the team to design the most effective solutions.
  • Part of a Class EA framework is including the public in the design process through engagement and feedback.
  • Any options proposed through this EA process are preliminary and intended to facilitate discussion before any decisions are made

Class EA Scope:

  • A Class EA will include Ecological, Archaeological, Coastal and Geotechnical studies as part of Baseline Data Collection
  • After Baseline Data Collection, shoreline protection designs are created with several alternatives to help select the most preferred solution.

During the Environmental Assessment process, technical advice is combined with public feedback received during this open house and public meetings to ensure an effective and supported solution is chosen to address current and future erosion concerns.

Ajax Waterfront Park. Source: TRCA 2022