Concept Design Option 6: Do Nothing and Monitor in Place

The Do Nothing option is being considered in all of the site-specific evaluations as a comparison to what the shoreline would look like in the long-term compared to how it looks now. Do Nothing assumes that regular maintenance currently being performed by the Town of Ajax and TRCA continues, and that the predicted erosion rates are accurate. However, since erosion is a natural process it is difficult to predict the localized effects of significant storms or the increase in frequency of storm events due to climate change.

While efforts were made to include these in all analyses, we recognize that these are predictions only; and therefore a monitoring program is suggested to accompany the Do Nothing option in the reaches where it is identified as a preferred alternative.

Key Benefits

Recommended for areas without particularly urgent near-term erosion concern

Monitoring program ensures proactive response to changes

Do Nothing top of bank positions for Reaches 4 - 6. Baird, 2021.



  • Low costs
  • Maintains existing natural shoreline
  • Beneficial to natural sediment supply when nothing is at risk



  • The shoreline remains unprotected, allowing erosion to continue at the foot of the bluffs and other shoreline areas.
  • Would eventually see substantial losses in public greenspace, parking lots, and other amenities for most Reaches

This option is currently preferred for Reach 2 and Reach 11, and is one of the recommended options for Reach 10.