Concept Designs

TRCA worked closely with coastal engineers and other professionals to develop the five (5) initial concept designs below, in addition to a Do nothing concept alternative. These concepts were developed to be potentially applied in specific areas (or "Reaches") of shoreline to combat hazardous erosion.

For further information, please take a look through the Draft Coastal Analysis report.

Design goals focus on ...

  • Public access
  • Public safety
  • Environmental integrity
  • Park amenities, land and infrastructure

Design considerations included ...

  • Bluff height & location
  • Erosion rates
  • Proximity to creek mouths
  • Environmental variables
  • Surrounding infrastructure
  • Sediment availability

Concept Designs Options

Concept Design 1.
Offshore Breakwater with Gaps
A sloped structure made of stones constructed within the lake, meant to disrupt wave action. Stones come up above the waterline, and structures are separated by gaps that allow water flow.

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Concept Design 2.
Nearshore Reefs
Nearshore reefs are submerged stone structures along the lake bottom built close to shore that slow wave speed to minimize shoreline impact.

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Concept Design 3.
Groynes with Beach Fill
A stone structure built out into the lake perpendicular to the shoreline that reduces waves and currents. It is often supplemented with engineered beach on either side that extends into the lake.

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Concept Design 4.
Cobble/Boulder Beach
An engineered or supplemented beach comprised of a natural stone or "cobble" layer on top of the existing shoreline. Cobbles are harder for waves to displace and make the beach more resilient.

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Concept Design 5.
Conventional Revetment
Revetments are popular shoreline protection structures along the Lake Ontario shoreline. They are stacked and layered stone walls made up of 1-3 tonne quarried stones called armourstone.

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Concept Design 6.
Do Nothing and Monitor in Place
Although no action is taken to alter or supplement the shoreline, Do nothing is paired with a monitoring program that will ensure the area stays safe and accessible.

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