Reach 5 & 6 : Lion’s Point to Veteran’s Point Gardens

Reach 5 – 1050m

Reach 5 stretches just over 1km and is characterized by high, rapidly eroding bluffs close to the Waterfront Trail and Lake Driveway West. This area has been designated high priority and proposed concepts to address erosion hazards are a cobble beach or revetment.

Aerial view of part of Reach 5 facing inland from Lake Ontario showing high, sheer bluffs, a narrow sand beach and a small strip of land between bluffs and Waterfront Trail

Preliminary Remediation Options for Consideration

The preliminary recommended option here is a revetment due to its immediate effect on preventing further toe erosion; however a cobble beach is another less hardened alternative that provides more access to the beach.

Reach 6 – 330m

Reach 6 wraps around Veteran's Point Gardens and features high bluffs and a natural boulder beach shoreline. Since erosion along Reach 6 could impact the trails around Veteran's Point Gardens, it has been designated medium priority.

An aerial image of the shoreline around Veteran's Point Gardens showing a naturally occuring cobble beach on the right side. Stones of various size comprise the shoreline area.

Preliminary Remediation Options for Consideration

A cobble beach is proposed as the preliminary recommended remediation option here based on its ability to mimic the existing site conditions, however a revetment can also be considered for more robust protection.