Concept Design Option 5: Conventional Revetment

Revetments are a popular choice for erosion mitigation in the GTA. They have been proven to provide effective long-lasting protection.

This concept offers the most robust form of erosion mitigation protection, as the revetment acts as a wall that stops waves from impacting the shoreline and the land behind it.

Key Benefits

Long lasting erosion protection

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Will halt any further toe regression of bluffs

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Set far enough lakeward to allow for slope adjustment and maintenance access

Revetment Cross-section. W.F. Baird, 2022



  • It is a common and well-used option along the GTA shoreline
  • It is relatively easy to source the materials in large quantities
  • In-water work is limited



  • The revetment may result in the loss of sand on the lake side of the structure
  • Significant changes to shoreline habitat and aesthetics

This option is currently preferred for Reach 4, Reach 5, Reach 12, and has a rough costing of $33,000/m. This option is recommended for Reach 1, Reach 3 and 4, Reach 5 and 6, Reach 8, and Reach 12