Approvals and Guiding Documents

The West Segment Shoreline and Multi-Use Trail portion of the project supports, and is supported by, a number of approvals and guiding documents, including:

Brown book cover with small images in a collage

The City of Toronto Official Plan and TRCA’s The Living City Policies, which seek to balance waterfront revitalization with public access, natural heritage, and natural hazard protection and management

Blue book cover with butterfly and beach shoreline

The Scarborough Waterfront Project Environmental Assessment, which was completed between 2014 and 2019, receiving approval from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) in November 2019

White book cover with text vision zero

The City’s Cycling Network Plan, which supports the advancement of multi-use trails and other cycling infrastructure through Toronto

White book cover with image of cycling path

City of Toronto Council approval in May 2018 to proceed with design and implementation, pending EA approval by MECP (Resolution #EX.34.5)

White book cover with text

The Integrated Shoreline Management Plan (ISMP), which is a strategy for managing flood and erosion risk for the shoreline from Tommy Thompson Park to Frenchman’s Bay, providing a ‘road map’ towards the vision for the future of the shoreline

Grey book cover with image of stream and houses.

Regeneration: Toronto’s Waterfront and the Sustainable City, which looks at the issues regarding the effective management of federal lands within the Toronto waterfront area and makes recommendations regarding the future of the Toronto waterfront

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