Brimley Road South Multi-Use Trail Project
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Learn about design considerations for the West Segment, Brimley Road South Multi-Use Trail, our 60% design, trail renderings, and impacts & mitigation.

The Scarborough Waterfront Project:
Brimley Road South Multi-Use Trail


Brimley Road South Multi-Use Trail

What's wrong?

  • The EA established there is a need for improved pedestrian and cyclist access down Brimley Road South, starting at Barkdene Hills. This is a challenging and unsafe area to navigate for users due to the steep grades and lack of a safe walkway for the upper two-thirds, with no separation between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

What are we doing?

  • Improving pedestrian and cyclist access, in alignment with the City’s Vision Zero Safety Plan.
  • Completing intersection crossing upgrades at Brimley Road and Barkdene Hills, through pavement markings and the addition of an all-way stop.
  • Designing an illuminated fully curbed 3.6-4.1 metre-wide paved multi-use recreational trail for pedestrians and uphill cyclists.
  • Improving conditions for Brimley Road through road resurfacing.
  • Adding a shared downhill cycling lane.

Key constraints for design & construction

  • Sensitive ravine environment in the City's natural heritage system that includes a designated Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) and Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI).
  • Trail is to be constructed within the City's road right-of-way, to the extent possible.
  • Very steep grade, ranging from 4% to 17%.
  • Steep valley slopes, supported by retaining walls on the west side of the road.
  • Existing street lighting on the west side of the road.
  • Underground water utility infrastructure on the east side of the road.
  • Contains a capped municipal landfill from the 1960s.
  • Landfill monitoring infrastructure.


The 60% Design

For a virtual walk-through of the design drawing and key features, please watch our Project Overview presentation.


Trail Renderings

North End

Top section of the trail, looking north towards Barkdene Hills.


Middle section of the trail, looking south towards Bluffer’s Park.

Bird's Eye View,

Middle section of the trail, looking down at Brimley Road South with the multi-use trail aligned along the east side.

South End

Bottom section of the trail, entering into Bluffer’s Park at the improved intersection with an all-way stop and marked crosswalk.


Impacts & Mitigation

Construction Impacts & Mitigation

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  • Construction traffic and lane restrictions/closures on Brimley Road South
  • Construction noise and dust
  • Potential for landfill material/contaminated soils exposure
  • Removal of unpermitted rear property access
  • Potential impacts to property fencing
  • Impacts to private backyard trees through pruning or removals
  • Potential impacts to backyard structures (e.g., decks, sheds, etc.) due to construction vibration


  • Construction will be in accordance with City by-law hour and noise restrictions
  • Appropriate construction timing windows will be established in consultation with the City
  • Clean up activities (e.g., street sweeping) will be undertaken to manage dust
  • A community liaison officer will be available during construction to act as a single point of contact during construction
  • A Soils Management Plan will be adhered to should landfill material or contaminated soil be found
  • Secondary access points are not permitted
  • A registered survey will be completed to confirm fence impacts; impacted fencing will be reinstated
  • Impacted or removed trees will be offset through coordination with City Urban Forestry and individual landowners
  • A pre-construction inspection of applicable backyard features will be completed

Operation Impacts & Mitigation

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  • Pedestrian, cyclist and road traffic, with potential for an increase in noise and a feel of reduced privacy for adjacent landowners
  • Increased street parking
  • Increased light from illuminated trail
  • Increased trash in the area from trail users


  • No change to the volume of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles is expected
  • TRCA will continue to work with the City to assess the feasibility of noise/privacy barriers, where appropriate
  • City parking by-laws in the surrounding area will continue to be enforced
  • Trail lighting will be designed to focus illumination on the trail surface, and avoid impacts beyond the trail
  • The trail will be maintained year-round by the City, similar to the surrounding sidewalks
  • The trail will provide pedestrians and cyclists with safer roadside conditions
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